Audio & Post Production

Audio Recording:

At Alpha Records we offer to you a complete audio recording experience in our modern and professional quality studio. This is complemented by a relaxed atmosphere, laid-back, talented and experienced engineers with a wide range of recording options. When recording, our aim is always to capture the best performance you are capable of.

Post Production: 

We can help bring your video or film project to life whether it be through creative editing, vibrant sound design or the creation of a rich surround sound mix.  We enjoy collaborating on projects of all budgets and sizes, big and small.


TV Commercial & Jingles

Television Commercials:

Your television commercial needs to create demand, generate leads and build brand awareness. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

We are a specialist TV advert production company that creates beautiful, compelling television commercials for media agencies, and directly for brands. 

We provide a fully end-to-end TV commercial production service, in which our highly experienced team will produce an advert that is persuasive and engaging – and complies with the advertising standards of the countries in which it will be broadcast. Alphas expert TV advert production team will deliver no matter how complex your brief.

Radio Ads & Jingles:

Creative audio production is one of those things you don’t know you need until you do. And lucky for you, you’ve found the team that writes and produces high quality creative audio for the nation’s largest regional and national brands. Coast to coast and around the world, Alpha Record’s creative audio moves the needle. So whether you’ve come searching for memorable radio ads, catchy jingles, quirky on-hold, targeted media buys, or the perfect brand voice, you’ve found us.

Radio Ads:

Whether you’re looking to get started or elevate your current audio brand, our team scripts and produces radio ads with creative concepts, high quality audio and the perfect brand voice that’ll get you noticed and stand out among the competition.

Radio Jingles:

A fact of life: catchy songs get stuck in your head. So, what better way to gain brand recognition than with a catchy song? Get hooked up with custom music, lyrics, and vocals that’ll have everyone singing your brand’s personalized tune.

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Documentaries & Voice overs


To accommodate your needs, Alpha Records offers a wide selection of voice talents that specialize in documentary voice overs. We work with you to carefully select the ideal talent for your project. 


A documentary typically requires a timed, synced and dubbed voice-over to the film, creating the authenticity that is essential in this category. Following the selection of narrator, our  Alpha team ensures your expectations are accommodated throughout the production process.


Post-Production, Mastering & Delivery: 

In compliance with the mastering and file format necessary, Alpha Records knows the global standards for delivering quality narrating for your documentary.

Why Alpha Studios?

We understand the significance of a documentary narrator and the difference they can make. We make sure you meet your deadlines and, at the same time, ensure the best possible result. With Alpha, quality and satisfaction are guaranteed!


Video Production

Alpha Records specializes in high quality video production, commercial film production, corporate business video production, and commercial photography. We work with agencies, brands, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With our professional team of creators, videographers, and film producers, we are highly experienced with corporate video production. We take the time to understand your business to the core and create engaging business videos that match your unique vision and requirements. Whether you’re looking to create an employee training video or an internal business announcement, we're the corporate film production company that makes it happen. We create stunning footage and event videography. Contact Us Now!


Movies & Series Translations

Alpha Records is also a professional translation company entirely focused on the localization and translation needs of our clients. We are technically oriented, with excellent knowledge of software, websites, e-Learning and training programs, voiceover recording, manuals, marketing content, documentation, graphics, as well as the issues involved in localizing them.

Voice-over translation is an audiovisual translation technique by which narrative scripts are first translated and then recorded by native-language speaking talent over the original audio track which can be heard in the background. It is often used in documentaries and news reports to translate the words of foreign-language interviewees in countries where subtitling is not typically used.

Voice-over translation is also extensively used in projects involving the localization of e-Learning courses or programs (timed or untimed), as well as videos.

Alpha Records translates a number of series, movies, documentaries, seminars and kids educational contents. Contact us now! for Translation Services for your project, we are able to handle even the most demanding projects and meet the deadlines. 








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